Typical Day

New Orleans Day

When we arrive in New Orleans the energy is poppin’. This year our trip will arrive around the middle of April, right at the tale end of French Quarter Festival A good first night I recently had in New Orleans with a group went like this: We arrived at our hotel, which was right on the border of the French Quarter off Rampart Street and checked in to our shared accommodation. It was really cool, the hotel was essentially an old house with a couple bathrooms and plenty of room for every one of our 10 people to spread out. We took a couple hours to get acquainted with the surroundings and set a time for dinner. I went out and grabbed some ingredients for my version of jambalaya. Celery, peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth, Cajun seasoning, white rice, corn, chunks of chicken, some sausage I found at the local butchers’ market along with a couple loafs of French bread from the bakery. All the little shops were within about a mile radius of where we stayed. I even made a vegetarian version for the four veggies on our trip. That’s how we roll!

We cooked ourselves a feast and topped it off with some shrimp and champagne before walking, as a group, into the French quarter for a memorable night out. We visited Preservation Hall, the birthplace of jazz music in the United States, a couple random places and ended our night down on Frenchman’s street where a marching band was stopped in the middle of the street going bonkers. We even managed to stay together the entire night, which can be quite a feat in a place with so much going on.

After a big blowout night like this our long drive down to the Gulf Coast of Florida to a quiet state park on the beach is just what everyone was in the mood for. So that’s what we did.

At Escapenorthwest our itineraries are flexible. We visit all the destinations on the itinerary but are constantly finding new places to visit while on tour and make changes as they come. If we agree as a group to camp on the beach instead of camp at a campsite, that’s what we do. If we decide to add an extra day in a destination we all love, we’ll do that too. Once we’re on the road, it’s up to us.

Check out the website To see this years’ upcoming trips. Be one of 50 people to travel with us this summer. If you have a custom itinerary you’ve been imagining send it our way. We love to collaborate.


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