Yoga Trips!?

Yes yes. That is correct. Wanna take a road trip but worried about getting your yoga in. We do that. We run a couple yoga trips every year focusing on three things: Yoga practice, hiking and photography. Sometimes we do all three at the same time! On these trips Escapenorthwest will be traveling with an in-house yoga instructor versed in various areas of Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Restorative, and Vinyasa. Better believe it. Wake up, roll out of your tent onto your mat at camp, practice yoga for an hour before breakfast, get tips on your practice from our host on the road and visit yoga studios in towns and cities along the route. Take a few days off from yoga and get into nature for some of that yin and yang everyone is always talking about and take a big hike guided by your tour leader. Take some photos, smile, breathe and be happy. Top off the trip with a celebration night out at our final nights stay. Check out the custom trips page on our site to see when the next available yoga trip is. Oh gawd, I can’t wait.


Camping While on the Road with Escapenorthwest

What type of Campsites do you stay at?

There is not one type of campsite we stay at while on the road. Sometimes we stay directly in the National Park, for example in Yellowstone we make reservations as soon as we know how many people have booked the trip. Staying in the park, obviously gives us more time to spend in the park. National Park campgrounds typically have drop toilets, pay showers are typically located somewhere close and the campsite itself has a couple picnic tables and a fire ring to have campfires. Some people would consider this type of campground a rustic campsite, others would call it luxurious compared to sleeping in the backcountry. It’s all in your perspective, what you are comfortable with.

Other times, when not staying directly in the parks or national forests we will make use of private campgrounds with showers and laundry rooms. Some of these campgrounds even have pools! We try to stay in nature as much as possible but sometimes it isn’t feasible. Falling under the private campground category would also be ranches. On a couple nights along the 30 Day Western Odyssey we have the opportunity to stay at a dude ranch where we’ll go on an optional horseback ride and have a party at night.

Of course in the cities we stay in hotels/or hostels depending on availability. The trip cost includes these nights of accommodation which is pretty rare for this type of touring company. So we won’t be staying at 4-5 star accommodation but we typically find nice, clean sufficient hotels that take care of all the basics. Our guests have been pleased with the hotels we choose along the way. If you have questions about accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our reservations department will be in contact with you shorty.

Overall we try to stay in rustic, basic campsites throughout the entire trip. Most National Park campgrounds fall under this category and most people are happy with the amenities offered at these sites.